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April Fool's Day Can Solve Blended Family Problems?

6 Methods to Build Relationships
  Build Strong Relationships to Solve Blended Family Problems Aprils Fool's Day is just around the corner. This day of silly pranks and jokes can be funny, embarrassing, and sometimes hurtful w.... read more

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Solve Common Teenage Problems: Getting Teens to Talk to You

8 methods to get teenagers to talk
  How To Get Your Teen To Talk The following is an expert from Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby's book, Practical Solutions to the Most Common Family Problems. A common teenage problem among frustrated pa.... read more

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Solve Common Teenage Problems: Anger, Frustration, and Aggression

Solve teenage anger and aggression
  The following is correspondence between parents concerned about the anger and aggression of their young teenage son, (13), and contributing expert, Dr, Scott Seaman. Watch for.... read more

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How to Solve Common Teenage Problems Using the Five Minute Work Chore

Five minute work chore
  Defiance, rebellion, disrespect, talking back–these are all common teenage problems, and children of any age. Teenagers are "growing" through so many things, they can often seem out .... read more

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Six Things To Do When Technology Is Ruining Your Family

Too much technology
Technology is amazing and can be necessary, but what do you do when too much technology is harming your marriage and family relationships? In this video, Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby, Child and Family Ps.... read more

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From Autism Checklist to Treatment for Autism

Autism symptoms
Does my child have autism? "What are the signs or symptoms of autism?" "Maybe he is just developing differently." "How can I really know?"  "What's the best treatment for autism?""What do I do n.... read more

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Is it OK to discipline my child with Autism?

How to Discipline Children with ASD
The most common question about autism I'm asked by parents is, “Is it OK to discipline my child with Autism?”       The answer: YES!! First, we need to understand th.... read more

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Single Parent Tips to Solve Problems and Reduce Stress

4 Tips for a single parent to reduce stress
  Single parents need to be applauded for what they do, especially mothers. Recent research shows that more than 40% of boys are growing up without their fathers, and that 82% of single parents .... read more

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8 Keys to Teach Children With Autism How to Follow Directions

8 Keys to get children with autism to follow directions
Let's start with a little experiment in sensory processing for children with autism. Simply read the next paragraph. Have you ever noticed that to read comfortably, our eyes typically prefer little t.... read more

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Secrets from Your Spouse: To Tell or Not to Tell, a Common Marriage Issue

secrets in marriage and dating?
    Some say secrets in a marriage create a little mystery which is as essential to a long-term relationship as good sex, shared goals, and willingness of both partners to take out the gar.... read more

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