When Your Child Is the Bully

Imagine receiving a call from school informing you that your child has been in a fight. You demand to know what young ruffian has attacked your helpless child—only to find it was your child who was .... read more

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Get Involved in Your Children's Education

Rather than argue about the role parents can and should play in the education of their children, the Harvard Education Review suggests that parent involvement in children’s education improves perfor.... read more

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Family Concerns: Inadequate Employment Opportunities

One current area of concern affecting children and families is inadequate employment opportunities. Job and Skill Mismatch Due to inadequate employment opportunities in the formal economy, limited .... read more

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8 Keys to Teach Children With Autism How to Follow Directions

8 Keys to get children with autism to follow directions
Let's start with a little experiment in sensory processing for children with autism. Simply read the next paragraph. Have you ever noticed that to read comfortably, our eyes typically prefer little t.... read more

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Homework Helps: How to Help and When to Create Space

How to Help Children with learning disabilities adapt successfully to school
  Johnny sits at the kitchen table, chewing on the end of his pencil. It's almost 9:00 p.m. and he has been on Problem #7 for the last twenty minutes. You have offered your help, and even a piec.... read more

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Preparing Your Child for School, Part 3 – Kindergarten & Language and General Knowledge

Teaching Kids about Sex and Reproduction
  Kindergartners participate in many activities that require them to use language and to solve problems. Children who can't or don't communicate easily may have problems in school. There are many.... read more

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Preparing Your Child for School, Part 2–Social & Emotional Development

How to change a negative attitude
Young children are often very excited about entering school. But when they do, they can face an environment that is different from what they are used to at home or even in preschool. In kindergarten.... read more

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Preparing Your Child for School, Part 1–Physical Development

With the recent start of school, parents often start to notice differences in their children. Sometimes these changes are due to new environments and new, unfamiliar situations that school presents. O.... read more

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How to Help A Child Deal with Rejection – Making and Keeping Friends

Dealing with rejection–how to help children make and keep friends
As a parent, it can be difficult to know what to say when your child cries, “I was the last one picked for the soccer team today,” especially when just two days ago, everyone wanted her on their jum.... read more

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