Blended Family Problems: Manage Stress in a Blended Family by Focusing on What You Can Control

How to adapt to stress you can't control
  Three events in life where stress levels are very high are: Death of a family member/loved one Divorce When a parent remarries and there is a step-parent and/or two pre-existing families .... read more

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The Ebola Scare: What Parents Need to Know

ebola report
 Helping Children Understand Ebola and Traumatic Events by Rob Dindinger, Ph.D.   Most of us can remember times in our life when the fear of eminent danger intruded into our thoughts..... read more

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Homework Helps: How to Help and When to Create Space

How to Help Children with learning disabilities adapt successfully to school
  Johnny sits at the kitchen table, chewing on the end of his pencil. It's almost 9:00 p.m. and he has been on Problem #7 for the last twenty minutes. You have offered your help, and even a piec.... read more

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Preparing Your Child for School, Part 1–Physical Development

With the recent start of school, parents often start to notice differences in their children. Sometimes these changes are due to new environments and new, unfamiliar situations that school presents. O.... read more

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How to Solve Common Teenage Problems–Disobedience, Disrespect, Disregard

How to solve common teenage problems–disrepsect, disregard, disobedience.png
  The years of adolescence present many common teenage problems. Many parents of teenagers feel like they are constantly yelling at their teens for something they did or didn't do. According to A.... read more

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Successful Strategies for Managing Stress

Solving Anxiety
  Recent studies indicate that all of us experience some degree of difficulty and worry as a result of interpersonal or work-related stress and tension. With this being the case, why is it that.... read more

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