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Recognizing Gifted Children

Playing with your two-and-a-half year old has become quite an experience. One day you act as though you are king and queen over a great island that is being invaded by sea creatures and you must pro.... read more

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Parenting a Shy Child

Background What is shyness? Shyness is a personality trait, not a fault. There is nothing wrong with being shy. Just because a child is shy, it doesn’t mean he or she suffers from low self-esteem..... read more

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Tips for Managing Stress

Recent studies indicate that all of us experience some degree of difficulty and worry as a result of interpersonal or work-related stress and tension. Why is it that some individuals seem unaffected.... read more

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Getting Your Children To Follow Rules

Conflicts with your kids are inevitable. There are plenty of opportunities for a battle of wills between you and your children. But they do not have to be losing battles for either party. There are .... read more

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How to Get Your Teen to Talk

A common complaint among parents is that their children stop talking to them during adolescence. This may occur because your child is struggling to become independent. Teens will want and need more .... read more

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When Your Child Is the Bully

Imagine receiving a call from school informing you that your child has been in a fight. You demand to know what young ruffian has attacked your helpless child—only to find it was your child who was .... read more

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Get Involved in Your Children's Education

Rather than argue about the role parents can and should play in the education of their children, the Harvard Education Review suggests that parent involvement in children’s education improves perfor.... read more

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Building Bridges

In our current day, it seems like we are getting better at creating separations, divisions, and contention. This likely means that we should do more to ensure that parents, children, and everyone le.... read more

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When Kids Ask About Gender

Because gender issues have become more newsworthy, increasing numbers of parents are faced with announcements from their children or more difficult questions about the topic. Many children who do no.... read more

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Family Concerns: Inadequate Employment Opportunities

One current area of concern affecting children and families is inadequate employment opportunities. Job and Skill Mismatch Due to inadequate employment opportunities in the formal economy, limited .... read more

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