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8 Keys to Teach Children With Autism How to Follow Directions

8 Keys to get children with autism to follow directions
Let's start with a little experiment in sensory processing for children with autism. Simply read the next paragraph. Have you ever noticed that to read comfortably, our eyes typically prefer little t.... read more

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Secrets from Your Spouse: To Tell or Not to Tell, a Common Marriage Issue

secrets in marriage and dating?
    Some say secrets in a marriage create a little mystery which is as essential to a long-term relationship as good sex, shared goals, and willingness of both partners to take out the gar.... read more

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3 Tips for Fulfilling Your Marriage Expectations

Marriage Expectations Do's and Don'ts
  How many times have you heard the following statement from a couple whose marriage is on the rocks? “We just want different things.” We often hear people explain their relationship difficultie.... read more

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How to Have a Happy Marriage: Match Marriage Expectations to Reality

Logical Order of Love
  You’ve finally reached the end of a long ten-hour day spent in a frantic state trying to fulfill your many responsibilities. The only thing that got you through the day was the knowledge that .... read more

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Common Marriage Problems–Tips for Mending an In-Law Rift

Do's and Don'ts with Inlaws
Dealing with in-laws is one of the most common marriage problems. And the holidays, with all their family gatherings, can expose or enhance many of these struggles. It is estimated that almost .... read more

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The Ebola Scare: What Parents Need to Know

ebola report
 Helping Children Understand Ebola and Traumatic Events by Rob Dindinger, Ph.D.   Most of us can remember times in our life when the fear of eminent danger intruded into our thoughts..... read more

Posted in Age 0–5, Age 6–11, Parenting, Stress

Signs of ADHD and Managing Impulse Control

Adapting Emotions
  Clinical psychologist, Dr. Robert Williams, helps parents understand ADHD, and he presents strategies parents can take to help their children manage impulses and other symptoms associated with.... read more

Posted in Age 0–5, Age 6–11, Learning Disabilities, Parenting, Teens 12–18

Six Things To Do When You Learn Your Teen is Drinking

Teen, Underage Drinking
  Recent reports state 22% of high school seniors binge drink (5+ drinks in a short amount of time). So what does that mean? Using the 2013 Census to get an approximation of high school seniors,.... read more

Posted in Addictions/Substance Abuse, Common Teenage Problems, Parenting, Teens 12–18

Homework Helps: How to Help and When to Create Space

How to Help Children with learning disabilities adapt successfully to school
  Johnny sits at the kitchen table, chewing on the end of his pencil. It's almost 9:00 p.m. and he has been on Problem #7 for the last twenty minutes. You have offered your help, and even a piec.... read more

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How to Stop Child Anger

Child Anger. Photo by, Michael La Martin
Parenting is challenging on its own. But add a child who gets angry any time you ask them to do something, and things can get frustrating and out of control fast. What we usually do, as parents, is to.... read more

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