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Get Involved in Your Children's Education

Rather than argue about the role parents can and should play in the education of their children, the Harvard Education Review suggests that parent involvement in children’s education improves perfor.... read more

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Building Bridges

In our current day, it seems like we are getting better at creating separations, divisions, and contention. This likely means that we should do more to ensure that parents, children, and everyone le.... read more

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When Kids Ask About Gender

Because gender issues have become more newsworthy, increasing numbers of parents are faced with announcements from their children or more difficult questions about the topic. Many children who do no.... read more

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Family Concerns: Inadequate Employment Opportunities

One current area of concern affecting children and families is inadequate employment opportunities. Job and Skill Mismatch Due to inadequate employment opportunities in the formal economy, limited .... read more

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Solve Blended Family Problems: Structure the family to Eliminate Stress

Family Environment
Find Balance by Creating Family Structure Stress is a common blended family problem. A powerful tool to manage stress when blending families is to better understand the family environment. When you u.... read more

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Why Do We Parent?

Chalk Drawing 3
For some, being a parent is all they ever wanted to do. For others, being a parent is "just what you do." Some are faced with constant emotional and/or financial pressures in their parenting, yet they.... read more

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April Fool's Day Can Solve Blended Family Problems?

6 Methods to Build Relationships
  Build Strong Relationships to Solve Blended Family Problems Aprils Fool's Day is just around the corner. This day of silly pranks and jokes can be funny, embarrassing, and sometimes hurtful w.... read more

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Solve Common Teenage Problems: Getting Teens to Talk to You

8 methods to get teenagers to talk
  How To Get Your Teen To Talk The following is an expert from Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby's book, Practical Solutions to the Most Common Family Problems. A common teenage problem among frustrated pa.... read more

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Solve Common Teenage Problems: Anger, Frustration, and Aggression

Solve teenage anger and aggression
  The following is correspondence between parents concerned about the anger and aggression of their young teenage son, (13), and contributing expert, Dr, Scott Seaman. Watch for.... read more

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How to Solve Common Teenage Problems Using the Five Minute Work Chore

Five minute work chore
  Defiance, rebellion, disrespect, talking back–these are all common teenage problems, and children of any age. Teenagers are "growing" through so many things, they can often seem out .... read more

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