October 2014


First Answers Launches Online Mental Health Resource Center

Affordable Courses and Coaching for Anxiety Attacks, Marriage Stress, Teen Depression, Weight Loss etc. with Listings for Local Online Therapy Coming Soon


SALT LAKE CITY—October 6, 2014— today launched a unique online mental health and wellness resource portal with both free and fee-based content and recovery coaching. First Answers provides online resources, including more than 45 self-help online courses created by experts, as well as blogs that cover a variety of mental health issues. Timely topics in the news and others not so public cover anxiety and teen depression to marriage to weight loss to careers to addiction helps. These courses, along with listings for available coaching via phone or video chat, provide a low-cost alternative to traditional therapy anytime, anywhere. Anyone can better understand issues affecting themselves or their loved ones and find paths back to happiness. Site usage is completely confidential and much of the information is free.

“The World Health Organization reports that one in four people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point,” states A. Lynn Scoresby, Ph.D, of First Answers, LLC. “Stigma, discrimination, neglect, and lack of availability or access are among the top reasons why many don’t get help. With these courses and listings of high-quality professionals who can help, First Answers makes finding reliable and affordable mental- health- related resources easy." will also soon offer access to credentialed local mental health professionals in communities around the country. In the mean time, experienced First Answers coaches are quickly accessible now from any location via online reservation—whether on a business trip or at home with the children. 

“First Answers provides a tool for those not yet ready for formal therapy to find answers to their challenges before the problems become unbearable,” states psychologist Robert Dindinger, Ph.D. “I believe that up to 80% of my clients could have benefited from the early interventions provided by First Answers. Many of them could have solved their problems earlier and avoided the expense of psychotherapy.”

A committee of mental- health experts created in cooperation with Child and Family Psychology. Robert Dindinger, Ph.D and A. Lynn Scoresby, Ph.D, both with Child and Family Psychology, facilitated course creation for Combined, this committee has more than 40 years of experience consulting with school districts and, educators; , developing leadership training programs used by top national companies;, and helping individuals, couples and families with relationship issues, addictions, and behavioral disorders.

Easy to use and confidential, First Answers is affordable to anyone.

About First Answers provides practical online mental health resources that offer an easy, low-cost alternative to expensive therapy and complicated insurance. First Answers brings together experts and insightful resources to individuals seeking mental health assistance in a fast-paced world. First Answers allows people to quickly access confidential help whether on a business trip, at home with children, or during a crisis. Visitors can discreetly look up an answer; or purchase an online course.

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