Our Partners

Child and Family Psychology

Dr. Lynn Scoresby

Child and Family Psychology has been helping families and individuals for more than 35 years. The psychologists with Child and Family Psychology—Robert Dindinger, Ph.D and A. Lynn Scoresby, Ph.D—have been instrumental in the research and development of the innovation and quality of methods and tools found in the online courses. Child and Family Psychology also consults First Answers as it helps businesses increase their growth potential by creating a mentally healthy workplace–reducing absenteeism, presenteeism, and increasing productivity.

Legacy Foundation

Legacy Foundation The mission of Legacy Foundation is to provide children with every possible opportunity to have success in life. Legacy Foundation works to identify needs in the community, and then it researches organizations and programs that can successfully fill these needs. While Legacy Foundation focuses much of its effort in the education environment, it recently has identified needs families and individuals have for tools and support to be successful in life. Legacy Foundation works with FirstAnswers.com to provide much needed information to schools, groups, community leaders, and business leaders so people can find the right tools.

For more information about Legacy Foundation, click here: Legacy Foundation.