First Answers Emotional Self-Reliance Coaching Model

What coaches help you learn

  1. Understanding and acceptance builds trust and confidence
    When you select a coach the first thing you will experience is a great deal of understanding and acceptance. This helps you freely examine yourself and acquire the belief you can make real changes. Coaches support and comfort you. They build trust by accepting you and working to understand you and your situation. They encourage and motivate so you experience wonderful changes. This process also helps you learn to be understanding and accepting of others.

  2. Choosing well and using freedom as a reliable tool effectively reduces tension and builds confidence 
    You will learn to see freedom to choose as a valued friend to help you reduce tension and build confidence. You will learn how to assume control of your decisions and your abilities to make good decisions for you to improve.  Coaches improve skills with assessing and decisiveness so you make quality decisions and act—so you don't feel so overwhelmed and stressed.

  3. Your brain is a faithful servant. It does what you tell it to do
    Learn the power of mental control where you take charge of what you think, and then use this power to add more success and happiness to your life. Coaches boost your mental and emotional control by helping you shift your mindset so what you are telling your brain emphasizes optimism, hope and faith, courage, future-thinking, and ability to take action to create change.

  4. Bad things often happen because good things don’t
    You might feel so bogged down with problems and worry about them until your life is filled with them.  Imagine that the bad things in your life can often be removed by identifying the good things that replace them and then learning and doing those. Coaches will show you how to fill your life with more good—thoughts, feelings, actions. Focusing on doing better and finally bringing many good things into your life pushes away disappointment and frustration that comes with negative experiences that appear to outnumber positive ones.

  5. Gratitude is power to change negative to positive
    You probably know something about gratitude, but did you know that expressing gratitude sincerely and often can change negative feelings to more positive. You will learn to use this to add power to the idea you are in charge of your life. Coaching empowers you and builds your confidence. Coaches will show you how to use the power of gratitude to reverse negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences into positive. Spend time each day being grateful, and when change happens realize you created it.

  6. High Stress prevents your brain from releasing love feelings
    Ever feel unloved?  Take a look at the amount of stress you feel, because if it is intense enough your brain won’t release love feelings.  Coaches help you manage stress and to be more open so your brain is able to release more feelings of love, happiness, and feeling close and connected.

  7. Emotional honesty controls anxiety
    Learning to be emotionally and factually honest will help you feel more confident and reduce anxiety. Dishonest or inaccurate assessment of self and others increases anxiety.  Coaches help you develop honest and accurate personal and interpersonal assessment. Recognize your strengths. See and feel what you create and accomplish.

  8. Dodge emotional landslides by changing how you perceive others perceive you
    Learn to live without worrying about what others think of you, or comparing yourself unfavorably with others.  Learn instead to more fully appreciate your own abilities and concentrate more on living your life fully which includes caring about others without worrying about them. Coaches help you feel more confident and in-control—peace of mind—by helping you eliminate excessive worrying about how you think others perceive you.  Imagine the peace that comes when you are free from this stress.
  9. Measure your success by achievements and how often you feel happiness and love
    Learn how to view your success in a way that has balance, wisdom, and perspective in it. How you measure your life can produce negative consequences if your ideas of success are too narrow.  Learning to measure yourself by achievement and by important emotional outcomes allows you to achieve and to feel great love, great happiness, and fulfillment. Coaches will show you how to develop these skills of perspective.
  10. Emotional freedom is love's aphrodisiac
    What you do to reduce your sense of freedom or the freedom of someone else will also reduce your capacity to feel love. Throwing off your emotional burdens, making your own decisions, and learning to create emotional freedom will make it possible for you to maximize love in your marriages and families. Coaches help you create self confidence and emotional control so you feel, create, and share more love and passion.

  11. Most relationship problems are problems of communication and transmission
    Instead of getting caught up in a blame cycle where you criticize and are criticized, where you blame and might be blamed, where you condemn and are condemned, learn instead to solve the communication issues that are the likely cause of the problem in the first place. Coaches help you to connect with others by teaching communication skills so your words, and interpretations of others' words, are more clearly expressed and understood so thoughts and actions are accurate, positive, and constructive.

  12. Emotions are both the origin and the result of your thoughts and behavior
    Your experience with your own feelings might be less satisfying than you would like.  When you learn how to understand your emotions, you can use them to create the type of thoughts and actions that bring more fulfillment to your life and your relationships. Solving your negative feelings often improves your relationships. Coaches help you feel more love and peace of mind by showing you how to more effectively control thoughts that affect emotion so you can promote more of your own positive feelings—self-confidence, future-thinking, compassion, optimism, hope, love, and freedom.

  13. A New Perspective of Time: Faith and hope lie between the present and the future
    How you think about time can impact your life positively and negatively.  Instead of feeling controlled by time, for example, learn how to time drive your way to greater hope, greater faith, and a more confident life. Coaching helps you feel hopeful and optimistic about the future. Coaches show you how to redirect thoughts, and build hope and faith for greater love and happiness and peace of mind by helping you develop a healthy perspective of time.

  14. Eliminating self criticism lowers your misery score
    You might be inflicting unhappiness on yourself by engaging in self criticism cycles that are accompanied by anxious and depressed feelings. You can learn to disrupt these thoughts and gain a feeling of greater control. Coaches will show you how to accomplish this because they know that self criticism prevents feelings of love and happiness and most of the time is FALSE! Honest self-description can be the first step to change and to greater happiness and love.

  15. Organized performance is power
    Learn how to add strength to your life by intentionally organizing some tasks or work, and see how quickly you begin to feel more powerful and in control.  This power, when combined with positive emotions, provides the foundation for a healthy emotional life. Coaches will help you become more organized, feel more powerful and deliberate, and show you how to feel free from some of the burdens which have caused unhappiness.

  16. The sum of all good relationships is that One + One = Three
    Unhappy and unsatisfying relationships become skewed or imbalanced. Giving excellent focus to yourself (1), to your partner (+1) and to the positive qualities of a good relationship (=3) create a cadence or rhythm that makes the relationship successful and fulfilling.  Coaches will show you how to create this balance and show you how to find more fulfillment and satisfaction.

  17. The pathway to happiness is paved by the intentional things you create
    You can learn the positive effects of intentional living.  By discovering the purposes you wish to achieve and laying out a path of intentional behavior to achieve them, you can feel the peace that comes from being in control of your own life.

  18. Individuation gets you acquainted with yourself and defines the “I” and “me” of all relationships
    Learning to use language which refers to yourself and acquire knowledge about yourself will enable you to form good boundaries which allows you to be both separate from and together with other people.  Coaches will enable you to regain your sense of individuality if you have lost some of it, and enable you to create more of it to make you more satisfied and happy.