Employee Mental Fitness

Employee Mental Fitness and wellbeing leads to high execution, increased productivity, and a more positive organizational culture.

Advance Your CareerThe strength of a company is its people. When people struggle with family and relationship challenges or mental-emotional challenges like stress, depression, and anxiety, this impacts performance and impedes the company's ability to grow.

It is much more cost effective to prevent problems and promote mental fitness than it is to solve them after they occur.

First Answers helps companies and individuals enhance performance by providing online self-reliance resources and personal self-reliance coaching to improve work and life balance. These tools are specifically designed to empower people so they increase their skills and ability to overcome and solve challenges and promote success. They are easy to use and develop stronger, confident people who are better able to perform at work.

An Active Approach to Promoting Employee Mental Fitness and Wellbeing

We actively invite people to participate in employee self-reliance programs and will contact you about upcoming webinars, online courses, and coaching. When you provide these opportunities for the personnel in your organization, you are demonstrating loyalty to them and a commitment to their families. In our current day, when there is significant movement when employees leave and move on to other jobs, this helps retain your most reliable and productive employees

You can see the results by improved morale, more employee satisfaction, and greater teamwork.


Webinar topics include...

  • Optimism
  • Stress Management
  • Making Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Peak Performance
  • Emotional Self-Reliance

Or any other topic pertinent to company personnel.

Online Courses

Online courses are created by experts in their field. Courses are convenient, always available, and managed by the user. Courses act as self-guided programs that focus on improving skills to overcome challenges, create success, and prevent problems from happening.


Coaching S3Coaches provide support and guidance to make it easier and faster to implement the strategies in the online resources. Coaches are trained in positive psychology methods that are proven to solve and prevent problems. Most importantly, coaches emphasize emotional self-reliance so individuals are empowered and more confident in their own skills.

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