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Online Parenting Programs

These online parenting programs present the best strategies you can use at home to solve common problems with teens, parent rebellious teens, or simply raise social-emotional, strong, unspoiled children.

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FREE! The 6 Best Things You Can Do for Your Children

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Developed by nationally recognized parenting expert, Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby, The 6 Best Things You Can Do for Your children explain...

Blended Family Problems


Parents and couples will learn how to manage the stress of a blending family

Get in control by learning how to balance

work (tasks needed to be done),

rules (previous and NEW family rules) and


Parenting Defiant, Rebellious Teens

Who Is It For/What You'll Learn?

Parents of children who frequently break laws, deceive, steal, cheat, are selfish, avoid responsibilities, and hurt themselves or others

Parents of children who lack character and a strong sense of right and...

Raising Children Who Have Faith and Live It


Would you like your children to believe in themselves? Do you want them to face their uncertain future with faith that things will work out well? Do you want your children to be believing and virtuous instead of cynical and distrusting...

Single Parenting


Mismanaging Stress Can Hurt Your Children

You will learn how to avoid creating your own stress, understand your priorities, and balance the work, rules, and relationships in your family.

Filling Hearts and Calming Spirits

You wi...

Solve Common Teenage Problems

What You'll Learn?

Learn how to organize your family in a particular way so you can use this structure to solve serious but common problems, and promote positive relationships with your teen.

DEVELOPMENT–Increase your understanding of teenager...

Solving Common Childhood Problems

Who is it for?

This is a comprehensive online parenting course for any new and experienced parent. Disruptive and harmful behaviors can manifest themselves at many different ages and may need to be approached differently depending on the age of your...

Sports Parents: Teaching Your Children the Mental Skills of Champion Players


For parents and adults who want to help young athletes get more out of sports by developing character, leaderships skills and the mental skills of champion players


What You'll Learn

Mental Skills

Use Sports to Teach Im...

Teaching Kids About Sex, Reproduction & Abstinence



Although most of us recognize the importance of teaching children about sex, reproduction, and abstinence, it is awkward because the whole enterprise is complicated. What should we tell children? When or at what age should ...

The Five Secrets of Children's Success



What it takes to succeed

How to view your parenting to make it most effective

How to manage stress–Yours and the child's

Control anger and discipline by teaching better behavior

How to teach self-control 


Youth Sports: Mental Skills for Champion Players



For parents who want to help their young athlete get more out of sports:


Champion-Caliber Mental Toughness


What Athletes Learn:

How to Keep Working to Improve Yourself   


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