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Why First Answers?

Emotional self-reliance improves your life

First Answers takes an innovative approach to solving problems and empowering you to create wellbeing by emphasizing emotional self-reliance.

This innovative approach empowers you to have hope, feel more in control, and experience more optimism, peace, and love.

Online programs concentrate on positive mental processes, emotional qualities, and real-life actions that not only solve problems, but prevent problems from happening. 

Emotional Self-Reliance Coaching makes your path more clear and easier. Well trained coaches provide individual attention and ensure you are understood and respected as they provide caring support to help you master self-reliance skills. Self-reliance is key to feeling more sure of yourself and having peace of mind. Coaches help you get there.


Emotional Self-Reliance Skills 

Strengthen Your Emotional Self-Reliance Skills to Be Happier and More Confident

1 Skills for emotional self-reliance, resilience, optimism, and future-thinking 
2 Skills to strengthen relationships and feel more love, and peace in your marriage
3 Skills to confidently help sons and daughters become well-adjusted, happy, and prepared adults
4 Skills to organize your family to prepare  children to choose positive influences and make good decisions 
5 Skills to strengthen faith and hope for the future
6 Skills to eliminate anxiety, depression, and self doubt—for you and your children
7 Skills to get things done, work smarter, and, see positive change 

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