Mental & Emotional Self-Reliance

21st-century kids need a

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Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance

How To Grow Healthy Families And Emotionally Self-Reliant Children Who Face Their Lives With Confidence And Grit

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Learn about the significant role emotions play in our relationships and how emotional health is a vital part of social confidence, strong character, achievement, and resilience.

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Awakening the Brain's Potential

This free eBook for parents and teachers celebrates brain-based education, promoting the idea that if students are taught about their brains — how they work, how to develop memory and creativity, how to integrate information, and how to use the whole brain — they will learn to use their brains better.

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Emotional Self-Reliance Coaching

Coaching Focuses on Positive Growth, Solutions, and Prevention

1 Skills for emotional self-reliance, resilience, optimism, and future-thinking 
2 Skills to strengthen relationships and feel more love, and peace in your marriage
3 Skills to eliminate anxiety, depression, and self doubt—for you and your children

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Teaching Kids About Sex, Reproduction, & Abstinence

Teach your children about sex in the way you want them to learn. This course provides a step-by-step system for you to use to help your children develop a healthy understanding about sex, reproduction, and abstinence. 

This course offers a complete teaching package with ...

  • scripts appropriate to use with each age

  • instructional pictures

  • tips for building conversational relationships with your children so you have ongoing follow up

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Or take the course along with the help of a professional coach.

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Featured Courses


The Best Way to Improve Your Marriage

an 8-part course for couples that will help you find the lasting improvement you want to see in your relationship

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Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance

a 12-part course for parents who want to prevent anxiety and depression in their children and help their kids be socially confident, mentally strong, and successful

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