Mental & Emotional Self-Reliance

21st-century kids need a

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Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance
for Parents of Children and Teens

How To Grow Healthy Families And Emotionally Self-Reliant Children Who Face Their Lives With Confidence And Grit

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Learn practical ways to promote emotional health in your families now to solve common problems and build social confidence, strong character, achievement, and resilience in your kids.

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Awakening the Brain's Potential

All parents want their kids to do their homework on their own, right? This free eBook for parents and teachers celebrates and explains brain-based education, which teaches students about their brains. When they know more about their brains — how they work, how to develop memory and creativity, and about their unique form of intelligence — they will learn better and be more excited about learning at home or at school. Instead of schoolwork being drudgery, they will become so fascinated with their brains that they will learn on their own.

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12 Most Effective Study Strategies

Limit test and homework anxiety by teaching strategies for active learning, like organization, time management, memory skills, reading skills, note taking, and more! Accelerate learning, and make it fun!

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Do What Matters Most Podcast

Do What Matters Most the podcast features Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby—experienced psychologist, executive coach, business and education consultant, father, and grandfather—talking about how to recognize and then do what matters most so you can improve and have more fulfilling relationships. Topics range from marriage and parenting to ethics and character, stopping violence, and more.

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Leadership Coaching

Learn a leadership system that will help you...

1 gain more confidence
2 communicate better
3 help others succeed
4 get the promotion you want
5 find a better-paying job
6 increase your team's productivity
7 contribute more to your organization
8 feel and actually be more effective

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Teaching Kids About Sex, Reproduction, & Abstinence

Because you can't screen your children from all information about sex, teach them about sex in the way you want them to know about it. This course provides a step-by-step system for you to use to help your children develop a healthy understanding about sex, reproduction, and abstinence. They'll be so confident about the topic that they won't need to experiment.

This course offers a complete teaching package with ...

  • scripts appropriate to use with each age

  • instructional pictures

  • tips for building conversational relationships with your children so you have ongoing follow up

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Or take the course along with the help of a professional coach.

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Featured Courses


Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance

A 12-part course for parents who want to prevent anxiety and depression in their children and help their kids be socially confident, mentally strong, and successful.

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The Best Way to Improve Your Marriage

An 8-part course for couples that will help you find the lasting improvement you want to see in your relationship.

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