FirstAnswers.com was created by a committee of experts in cooperation with Child and Family Psychology. Robert Dindinger, Ph.D and A. Lynn Scoresby, Ph.D, both with Child and Family Psychology, and other experts in their field helped to create the courses for FirstAnswers.com. Combined, this committee has more than 40 years of experience consulting with school districts, principals and teachers, developing leadership training and team-leadership programs used by top national companies, and helping individuals, couples and families with relationship issues, addictions, behavioral disorders, autism, and weight loss.

A Timely Need for Answers

Regardless of the industry, relationship, or situation, when people don't have the right answers and solutions when needed, they struggle. Businesses fail to produce as well as they can. Schools and educators become increasingly frustrated. Married couples struggle to find the love they want. When parents lack an understanding of what to do to raise and help children in healthy positive ways, they and their children suffer, and pains of one child grow to affect other members of the family. Often, common or fairly minor and manageable issues become much greater problems because the right approach was not identified early.

A committee of experts was organized with the objective to research the best methods and formats of helping people looking for direction and solutions to problems. Information needed to be readily accessible, high quality, and effective. The results were three sites that encompass the main areas of life–Family/Personal, Professional, and Education.

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