Affordable High Quality Help

At one time or another, we've all said or thought,

“I just don’t know what to do, anymore!”

But imagine if you did know what to do.

  • Imagine if you knew how to help your discouraged child improve his grades.
  •  What would life be like if you knew how to build confidence, motivate your kids, or communicate in a way so you didn’t feel like you had to yell or punish all the time?

  • How would your marriage be happier if you knew how to increase love, feel close again, laugh together, work with each other for the future, and communicate better about yourselves and your children?

  • Would the quality of your life be improved if you had methods and support to help you manage pain better and longer?

  • Would you feel a sense of peace and be hopeful about the future if you had support and techniques to work with mental and emotional struggles like PTSD, addictions, and depression?


We believe you can feel this level of confidence and peace with the right kind of help at the right time. provides high quality online courses, support from coaches, and direction from experts to help you be self-reliant and have self-confidence in your abilities.

Why First Answers?

  1. Premiere Source for Answers. Blogs and web searches not helpful enough? First Answers specializes in online sources for proven solutions to common problems. All our online courses have been created by experts. They are easy to use and can be combined with coaching to help you implement important strategies. If you feel you need even more direction, you can easily find online therapists. 

  2. Preventative Measure. Knowing what to do, or having answers right when you need them, can be the difference between a common problem many people like you face and life altering disappointment and frustration. Consider this real life scenario our experts repeatedly see:

    Two couples with similar issues seek counseling. After direction is provided, one couple sees improvement and the other pursues divorce. Why does one married couple get a divorce and another does not? It is often because those who pursue divorce lack necessary tools or ability to follow through with recommended strategies. They were given direction, but they didn't carry it out. This scenario is also true for people who are trying to manage pain and solve mental health problems like addiction, anxiety and PTSD.  Online courses and readily accessible coaches and therapists help you learn, develop skills, implement strategies, and create success.

  3. Saves Money. You are able to access affordable, high quality help you can trust without having to pay high fees for traditional appointment-based counseling.
    1. Insurance–The more you use insurance, the more premiums typically increase. First Answers provides high quality service in affordable forms without having to rely on insurance. This is especially valuable for today. The state of insurance is very unstable and far less reliable while becoming more expensive. You still need reliable help without having to worry if insurance will be available, cost you too much, or if you have chosen to opt out of insurance.

    2. Prevents Costs–If problems worsen to where more extreme measures, like divorce or surgery are considered, these costs are far higher than knowing how to solve problems before they get to this point. Keeping yourself, your family, and your relationships healthy is by far easier and less expensive than trying to fix problems that have escalated. And this is especially true of the emotional toll unsolved problems can take. Access to First Answers experts and online contact makes finding these solutions fast and easy.

  4. Flexibility–Getting started is easy. The site allows you to choose any combination of service: Online Courses, Experts, or Coaching. Access professional online courses from the comfort of your own home. Or take a little time during your lunch break to learn great ideas before going home. Coaches help you implement the strategies in course. For more direction on more complicated or urgent issues, you can consult with experts at anytime. 

A Different, Better Experience

The web provides an endless amount of information, some reliable, some not so much. But this traditional form of online content usually leaves you still confused and wondering how to carryout what you actually need to be doing to find relief.

This is where First Answers excels. We specialize in providing online courses that contain proven, expert methods. and show you how to carryout the "what to do" strategies to solving problems. First Answers has brought together the best ideas and the most effective strategies (many of them new) for marriage and relationships, parenting, pain management, mental health, and self-improvement into one site. We then link these with the personal attention of and access to independent coaches and licensed experts. The flexibility of this combination provides a more effective, affordable, and better online experience by combining to help you improve your self-reliance and your self-confidence in your own abilities–with the reliability and support of experts and coaches.


What you need to know

Our online courses introduce the information (knowledge and understanding) you need to know to be able to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Why it is important

Courses show you how things in your relationships and personal life are connected so you have a more thorough understanding of why you need to do what a course is directing you to work on.

How you do it

Courses then combine knowledge and understanding with an emphasis on the exercises that show you how to carryout the steps you need to take to improve your abilities and achieve your goals.

Support from start to finish

If you feel you need help implementing the tools in a course, you can find a coach to motivate and support you. If you feel you need more advice and direction, you may consider online therapy.

You've probably searched the web, read many blogs and maybe even books, and perhaps investigated other alternatives looking for answers. Now consider a more affordable, effective, and supportive way to solve problems, and discover love, happiness, and relief when you know what to do and have the support you need to do it.


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