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Developed by nationally recognized parenting expert, Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby, The 6 Best Things You Can Do for Your children explains the six most effective parenting practices to solve problem behavior and to rear successful children. Parenting is a huge job, and we often stress as parents because we don't know what to do, or we aren't sure what we are doing is right. Use these 6 simple, but powerfully effective, principles in your family, and feel confident you are doing what's best for your children.


The 6 Best Things 

  1. Prepare More Than You Punish
  2. Communicate More Than You Control
  3. Encourage More Than You Criticize
  4. Involve and Individualize
  5. Resolve More Than You Isolate
  6. Love Enough to Set Limits



  • Parents who are looking for effective tools to change behavior and raise successful, confident kids
  • New and experienced parents looking for proven strategies for successful children

  • Single parents

  • Parents with spoiled children

  • Parents looking for tips for tantrums

  • Parents struggling to communicate with kids and teenagers

  • Parents with irresponsible, unmotivated children
  • Parents who wish to unify the family–create closeness

  • Controlling or overly critical parents

  • Children and parents with low self esteem or confidence

  • Over-involved or hovering "Helicopter" parents

  • Parents wanting to know how to use "time outs" effectively

  • Children who lack self-control or are irresponsible, impulsive

  • Parents who struggle to say "no" to children


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