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Practical, family-oriented courses that are fun and informative and come with tons of learning enhancements:

  • learning cues to make sure you're taking in the important information
  • interactive media
  • step-by-step action plans that will help you get started, show progress, and keeping going until there's success

Improve Grades, Behavior, and Social Skills in School

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What You'll Learn:

Section 1         

Learn About Your Children and Achievement Motivation: The Barriers to Achievement (why children struggle in school), the Qualities of High-Achieving Individuals, and Where Motivation Comes From

Section 2        

What You Do Within Your Family Can Help Your Children Achieve Outside It—What to do in your home to prepare your kids for better performance in school, with friends and social situations.

Section 3         

Good Family Leadership Creates a Positive View of Future Achievement for You and for Your Children—Be positive and hopeful.

Section 4         

Know About Achievement Skills, Character Traits, and Learning Methods—Take charge in improving your child's abilities. Improve skills and abilities improves grades and behavior.

Section 5         

Organizing Family Meetings—How to communicate and treat family members so you have positive, encouraging relationships.

Section 6      

Creating a Shared Idea of a Good Family—Teach kids what to expect and then support and encourage to live up to expectations.

Section 7       

Accountability and Behavior Change

Section 8         

Teaching Children to Become What You Hope They Will Become

Section 9         

An Eight-Week Schedule for Your Family Meetings—Start with confidence by following a simple eight-week step-by-step plan