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  • step-by-step action plans that will help you get started, show progress, and keeping going until there's success

ACTIVITY SET: Character, Achievement & Memory

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Character and achievement are developed by practicing the traits. These activities have been designed by educational experts and are proven effective used in the classroom or in the home.

  • Improve a child's character, behavior and social skills
  • Develop achievement and motivation so children learn self motivation
  • Improve memory and learning strategies to help children improve recall

Many "learning" troubles in the classroom can be attributed to a lack of the child's development or understanding in any of these three areas: Character (how to behave in the classroom or in social situations), Achievement (lack of motivation or self confidence) Memory or Learning Skills (child struggles with remembering, recall of information).

As a result, children often act out/misbehave, are distraction in class, or they under perform.

Just like a basketball player takes hundreds of shots to improve skills, you can use these professionally designed activities to improve your child's skills in character, achievement, and memory strategies, and watch their grades, behavior, and confidence rise to new, exciting levels.

CHARACTER: 21 Activities

ACHIEVEMENT: 14 Activities

MEMORY: 7 Activities