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How to Make a Relationship Grow

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  • For couples in the early stages of a relationship who want to take things to the next level
  • For long-term couples who feel their relationship is lagging, or who feel bored with each other,
  • Couples who have love for each other, but feel they are growing apart
  • A great marriage-prep course for engaged couples

Negative forms of communication and behavior in relationships can lead to couples becoming "bored" with each other. Do relationships grow and change? They do if they are healthy and happy.

Positive forms of behavior can become habitual too—but with one additional feature. Positive forms of behavior include the ability to change and promote growth.  Almost everyone who forms a relationship with another person knows that there are personal preferences, gender ideas, and cultural differences between two people. When two people form negative associations, these differences often become sources of conflict.

When two people form positive responses to their differences, the differences are seen as opportunities for learning and growth, and the couple will have a practical method of solving the differences and growing from them. That is, their relationship takes on new dimensions, new interest, and new rewards–growth.


  • Give your relationship a sense of direction
  • Establish healthy, positive expectations
  • Strengthen commitment to your partner and the relationship
  • Make love feel more intense
  • Overcome relationship obstacles
  • Enhance emotional intimacy
  • Manage stress and learn how to make positive changes
  • Recognizing, Respecting, and Understanding Feelings
  • Turn negative into positive
  • Increase intimacy