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Solve Common Teenage Problems

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What You'll Learn?

Learn how to organize your family in a particular way so you can use this structure to solve serious but common problems, and promote positive relationships with your teen.

  • DEVELOPMENT–Increase your understanding of teenagers: physical, mental, emotional, social and moral characteristics (why they do what they do), so you can better lead and support them.

  • COMMUNICATION–Learn how to respond to teenagers so you are part of the solution, not the problem

  • DRUGS–Learn why teens experiment, and learn how to fill emotional needs of teens

  • SEX–Learn why teens act out sexually–the negative consequences and constructive strategies to stop it

  • EATING DISORDERS & CUTTING–Learn why teens cut or develop eating disorders and how to help teens become more emotionally mature and healthy

  • DEPRESSION & SUICIDE–Learn the signs and ways to prevent depression and risks of suicide

  • ADDICTIONS (PORNOGRAPHY, DRUGS, VIDEO GAMES)–Learn the signs and what to do when your child is addicted

  • ANGER & AGGRESSION–Learn why teenagers suffer from anger and low self esteem and what to do about it

  • ANXIETY–Learn the signs of anxiety, effective treatments, and parenting techniques that promote confidence.