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Helping Boys Become Responsible Men

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The idea of “true or responsible men” is not to suggest that to be successful a boy must become a famous statesman, author, scientist, church leader, athlete, businessman, or teacher. Instead, great men have confidence, are mentally and emotionally healthy, succeed in their relationships with others, use their talents to make their own contribution to the world, give something back to society, and—most importantly—are prepared to mentor others.


Joining Up

You will learn about the process of joining up with a boy who may or may not understand how to participate in a relationship with someone who can mentor him.

Create a Tie That Binds

You will learn how to establish an informal contract that binds the boy to you as a mentor, motivates him to grow, and will serve as a basis for learning many important life lessons.

Pushing and Pulling

You will learn how to create motivation for the boy to learn and participate with you as you provide opportunities and experiences for him.

Teach Boys to Be Trustworthy

You will learn how to teach boys to live so they can be trusted by their friends, wives, and children. Examples are given about specific teaching and mentoring methods.

Respecting Success

You will learn how people define success and how to help boys learn to respect the work of successful people and be a success at responsibility and accountability.

Being of Consequence

You will learn how to ensure that boys learn the idea of consequences and learn to desire to be of consequence when it comes to living strong and capable lives.

Help Boys Become Principled Men

You will learn how to teach boys about honesty, integrity, and self-control and other important principles. You will also learn how to help boys connect feelings to actions so they become principled men whose lives are guided by positive values.

Show Boys How to Inspire

You will be able to show boys how to inspire others and understand the importance of facing reality and the value of second chances.

Family Leadership

You will learn how to apply a simple but successful form of family leadership where boys become men who create unity with their wives and use this partnership to forge a positive plan that promotes the successful development of their children.

The Second Half

You will learn how to teach boys to be mentors and give back to others at least of some of what they have received as they have grown and matured.