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Solving Common Childhood Problems

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This is a comprehensive online parenting course for any new and experienced parent. Disruptive and harmful behaviors can manifest themselves at many different ages and may need to be approached differently depending on the age of your child. Knowing what to expect and how to handle the situation from the beginning is a powerful tool in creating confidence in children and peace in your family. This course explains the behavior–why children do what they do–and it presents top psychologists' methods laid out so any parent can use them at home.

  • DISCIPLINE FOR DISOBEDIENCE–Parents struggling with how to discipline their child

  • ANGRY CHILD–Parents with children who exhibit intense anger and emotions

  • CHILD DEPRESSION–Learn the signs of depression, how to prevent or manage depression

  • CHILD ANXIETY–Identify anxiety, understand why children are anxious,

  • TANTRUMS–How to help children gain emotional control

  • COMPULSIVE AND PERFECTIONISM: Learn how to identify, manage, and prevent this behavior in the future

  • LEARNING DISABILITIES/ATTENTION DEFICITS–(ADD, ADHD) identify the signs, learn the different types, and strategies to manage

  • BAD FRIENDS–Solve problems with friends–what to do when kids choose bad friends


  • SELF-STIMULATION–How to talk to the child and what to do to help them

  • BULLYING–What to do when your child is the bully or the victim

  • CHRONIC NEGATIVE ATTITUDE-Changing a chronic negative attitude



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