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Blended Family Problems

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Product Details


  • Parents and couples will learn how to manage the stress of a blending family

  • Get in control by learning how to balance

    • work (tasks needed to be done),

    • rules (previous and NEW family rules) and

    • relationships (with your spouse, your children, and your step children)

  • Strengthen your new marriage partnership 

  • Find peace by establishing a sense of fairness for all family members

  • Create unity and build confidence by creating a feeling of safety and security

  • Fit your discipline plan to each child and apply it together–one family....many individuals

  • Eliminate problems by learning how to adapt discipline to step children

  • Make the transition easier for children by learning how to acknowledge and understand their feelings

  • Limit guilt, be proactive instead of reactive,

  • Create a strong family team and build cooperation

  • Strengthen your spirit and soul,

  • Learn how to create more time for your family

  • Solve arguing and contention that hurts the family peace