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  • step-by-step action plans that will help you get started, show progress, and keeping going until there's success

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Mismanaging Stress Can Hurt Your Children

You will learn how to avoid creating your own stress, understand your priorities, and balance the work, rules, and relationships in your family.

Filling Hearts and Calming Spirits

You will learn how to let go and move on—and help your children do the same. You will learn how to manage yourself and avoid anger and depression, and this personal mastery will help you create a healthy, happy family environment.

Make Your Time Count

You will learn how to use your time efficiently in order to create a warm, loving environment for your family. Being efficient will help you solve contention, negative attitudes, and poor communication.

Fit Your Discipline Plan to Each Child

You will learn how to make sure your discipline plan fits uniquely to each child. You will learn times and conditions when it might be helpful to adapt your discipline plan, and you will learn how to acknowledge children’s feelings so you understand them better.

Build a Resilient Family

You will learn the benefits of having a resilient family, and you will see how to teach your kids to be resilient. You will learn how to be a good leader and mentor and how to teach your children new skills when they make mistakes instead of punishing them or removing privileges.

Teach Moral Behavior & Feel Confident About Your Kids

You will learn how to teach your children to take personal responsibility for what they do and measure the consequences of their choices by whether their actions help or harm people, including themselves.

Create a Learning Family

You will learn how to create a learning family that adapts and changes and learns together. You will learn about information control (taking in helpful information and limiting negative influences), and you will learn about two important types of family communication.