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Using Sports To Motivate and Teach Character

Team Huddle.jpg
  By Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby – A few years there were seasons of the year for given sports and sometimes during the year where I lived there were no sports teams in operation where youth were co.... read more

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Successful Strategies for Managing Stress

Solving Anxiety
  Recent studies indicate that all of us experience some degree of difficulty and worry as a result of interpersonal or work-related stress and tension. With this being the case, why is it that.... read more

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Getting Out of An Abusive Relationship

Abuse Recovery
Families, where many would hope to find security and safety, are in truth often very dangerous. Some research has found that one in four marriages experience at least one violent episode, most often .... read more

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Intervention: Halting the Progress of Chemical Dependency

elements of addiction
  Chemical dependency is a disease. You have probably heard this said before, but may still have a hard time understanding that a person who abuses alcohol or other drugs is a victim of an illne.... read more

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How to Handle Depression

Solving Depression
Depression can strike anyone, from children to the elderly. Women feel its weight two to three times more frequently than men. It is most common in those between the ages of 18 and 44. You should be .... read more

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Blended Family Problems: What to Do When Step Siblings Fight

What to Do When Step Siblings Fight
  As if getting married and gaining a new family all at once isn't stressful enough, often times children of the two different families just don't get along–a common blended family problem. This.... read more

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What to Do When You Don't Get Along with Your Adult Child

Father Daughter.jpg
  Very little is known about parent-child relationships in later life. There seems to be a gap in both research and theory between the focus on parenting children who are not yet adults and the .... read more

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When Parents Disagree--How to Build Family Teamwork

Family Teamwork.png
  The whole family can feel the tension that builds when parents don't agree in their child-rearing techniques. Children catch on fast, too. Little Jill will soon learn which parent to go to w.... read more

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Work (Part 2): Three Things to Avoid When Teaching Kids Healthy Work Habits

Single Parents
  School is out and Summer break begins! And so do the long days of kids sleeping in, staying out late, running around the house, lying around the house, doing nothing all day, or doing everythi.... read more

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Work Infographic: How to Get Kids to Do Chores

Using Service to Help Teenagers
  One of the greatest character traits parents can develop in their children is to teach them how to work. Self confidence and success in life are strongly linked to a child's ability to work. W.... read more

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