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Caring For Aging Parents & Loved Ones

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Essential resources for those caring for aging parents or relatives

What You Will Learn:

  1. You will learn methods of caring for an aging person, including how to help people care for and about themselves.
  2. You will learn the remarkable qualities of the brain and how exercise and diet can preserve good health, promote recovery from illness, and lead to better mental abilities.
  3. You will learn mental exercises that strengthen memory and thus permit more active involvement with one’s self and environment.
  4. You will be able to apply “learned optimism” and how to live and help someone else live a positive, rather than a pessimistic, life.
  5. You will learn how to reduce stress and control worries and anxieties.
  6. You will learn how understanding gifts, talents, and intelligence can increase an aging person’s sense of confidence and hope.
  7. You will learn how sharpening attention to people and to the environment enriches life and keeps involvement with others positive.
  8. You will learn more about memory and how it can be improved by retelling long-term memories and learning new techniques to help you remember current events and recent experiences.
  9. You will learn about the benefits of focusing on the spiritual and beautiful aspects of life and how to address sometimes unpleasant memories or attitudes.
  10. You will learn about feeding the spirit and caring for the soul of an aging person and how doing so can also lift the caretaker.