Helping Children Who are Underachieving and Failing in School


A child who fails in school or at learning often believes he/she is a failure in life. This is often because success or failure in school is commonly and falsely used as a measure of intelligence.  Failures in school may be due to inherited learning problems, a lack of preparation, poor social skills, and/or inadequate motivation. Any of these result in high levels of distress which makes learning something a child will try to avoid during this year of life and perhaps for a lifetime.

Parents of children who struggle in school can become frustrated with their child's lack of motivation, and they worry about their child's future. It can feel overwhelming when you don't know how to help your child.

This membership is designed to help you learn about several types of learning problems, reasons for your children's lack of success in school, and to find strategies that turn a failing child into an achieving, happy, confident child. Courses in this membership will teach what to do to keep your family stable while providing support and new skills to your children while they improve. You will receive tips on creating motivation to achieve. You will have access to memory strategies and character activities you can teach at home. These include methods of teaching a positive attitude, time management, and organizational skills that help children find success and feel smart.

Included in the Solve Schools Problems membership:

  • Courses:
    • Solve Problems at School by Creating Achievement Motivation at Home
    • Teach Character, Achievement Skills & Memory Strategies
    • Teaching Children Sex, Reproduction, and Abstinence
    • 6 Best Things You Can Do For Your Children
    • Solving Common Childhood Problems

  • Mini Courses:
    • (MFT Strong Parents Strong Kids: Birth-5; 6-12

  • Discounted Consultations with Experts & Coaches
    There are two membership options available: 3 months and 6 months. These discounts are good for the duration of your membership.

    • 3 Mo. Membership:   10% Discount
    • 6 Mo. Membership:   15% Discount

  • Tailored Newsletters:
    Newsletters can offer techniques and tools to help a failing or struggling child improve their attitude about school. Learn from experts and others who understand what you are going through and make school a positive experience for your child.

  • Priority Forums:
    As part of this membership, you will receive priority invitation to forums. These forums are often moderated by licensed experts or top professionals so you can find tremendous real-time help.