Helping Children and Adults Recover
from Substance Abuse Addictions


Members learn how to recognize substance abuse in individuals and how to provide the most effective response to help the addicted and also to protect family.


You will be informed about how to deal with an addicted child in a family setting, and receive up to date research findings about the best way to resolve substance abuse addictions.  Our professionals and coaches ensure you are addressing the challenges you face correctly and will provide support and encouragement as you help your children move toward a better reality. You can also receive support and communication from parents and others whose children are addicted. This support can describe the best practices other people have found useful.


If you currently have substance abuse addiction, you can benefit by joining a group of people who will provide encouragement and direction. You can find professional help and ongoing support by contacting a First Answers expert or coach. Substance abuse can be resolved if you are willing to rely on other people, fill your life with support and positive experiences, and dedicate yourself to reclaiming your life and making it free from substances which control you.

Included in the Drug Addictions membership:

  • Courses:
    • Solving Addictions
    • Solving Common Teenage Problems

  • Mini Courses:
    • Solving Depression
    • Solving Anxiety

  • Discounted Consultations with Experts & Coaches
    There are two membership options available: 3 months, 6 months. These discounts are good for the duration of your membership.

    • 3 Mo. Membership:   10% Discount
    • 6 Mo. Membership:   15% Discount
  • Tailored Newsletters:
    Addictions affect more than just the addicted person. Knowing how to directly, yet carefully, handle these situations is essential. These newsletters provide the support and direction you need so you can better identify addictions and define a direction for the addicted child or adult and your family so harm is mitigated and the family can succeed.

  • Priority Forums:
    As part of this membership, you will receive priority invitation to forums. These forums are often moderated by licensed experts or top professionals so you can find tremendous real-time help.