Solving Depression, Anxiety, & Anger


We are not certain why, but we know that the rates of depression, anxiety, and accompanying anger have quadrupled in the last decade. A very prominent treatment approach is to use antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. These may be of help, but to date, there is little conclusive evidence that medication by itself is a long term solution for most people.


If you are depressed and/or anxious, you will benefit from the courses, coaching and professional help this membership offers. You will learn about the two general types of depression and the steps to resolve them. You will learn the symptoms of anxiety and the strategies to reduce and control it. You can use the courses and consulting help to create more positive feelings and find a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


Children who feel depressed and anxious spend time alone, may be verbally and physically aggressive, have reduced school and social performance, over sleep, and have difficulty feeling happiness and enthusiasm. Further, these negative emotions may interfere with positive social, emotional, and physical development. They may also create instability and conflict in your family.

Courses will introduce the causes of depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges children face.  You can learn the symptoms or signs so you don't misinterpret your child's actions. You can learn about possible alternatives to medicating your child.  You can consult with coaches and experts who will provide methods which permit you to respond  successfully. You can receive up to date research findings about the best treatment possibilities and how to support children within your family while keeping the rest of your family stable. Acquiring knowledge and working with a competent professional makes it possible to feel in control of the situation rather than being controlled by it.  More importantly, you can help your children find security, happiness, confidence, and social success.

Included in the Solving Depression and Anxiety membership:

  • Courses:
    • "Solving Common Childhood Problems"

  • Mini Courses:
    • Solving Depression
    • Solving Anxiety

  • Discounted Consultations with Experts & Coaches
    There are two membership options available: 3 months and 6 months. These discounts are good for the duration of your membership.

    • 3 Mo. Membership:   10% Discount
    • 6 Mo. Membership:   15% Discount
  • Tailored Newsletters:
    These newsletters offer access to the same strategies and insights experts use to help people with depression and anxiety. Now you can use these powerful solutions, to create more happiness and optimism in your family.  

  • Priority Forums:
    As part of this membership, you will receive priority invitation to forums. These forums are often moderated by licensed experts or top professionals so you can find tremendous real-time help.