Stop Pornography Addictions in Adults and Children


Those involved with pornography tend to be secretive and deceptive, masking their participation in it. The deception and dishonesty involved often leads to denial that a person has a problem or is addicted. Since pornography addictions are not typically solved alone, this denial likely creates an environment that perpetuates the problem.

Membership in this group helps you recognize the signs of pornography involvement and the symptoms of pornography addiction, and it provides clear, step-by-step methods of resolving it. You will learn how to successfully respond, if you have an addiction, and help a son, daughter, or spouse who is addicted to pornography. You will learn how to keep relationships intact and the rest of your family progressing.  You will learn about successful methods of preventing and resolving pornography which you can use with yourself and in your family. You can also see how the power of love and patience combined with knowledge and skill can work miracles. 

Included in the Stop Pornography Addiction membership:

  • Courses:
    • Dr. Rob Dindinger, Stopping Pornography Addiction

  • Mini Courses:
    • Addictions
    • (FA Adolescents) Stopping Pornography
    • Depression
    • Anxiety

  • Discounted Consultations with Experts & Coaches
    There are two membership options available: 3 months and 6 months. These discounts are good for the duration of your membership.

    • 3 Mo. Membership:   10% Discount
    • 6 Mo. Membership:   15% Discount

  • Tailored Newsletters:
    These newsletters have been specifically designed to help you better understand your circumstances and introduce techniques proven to work so you can effectively solve problems associated with pornography addiction. 

  • Priority Forums:
    As part of this membership, you will receive priority invitation to forums. These forums are often moderated by licensed experts or top professionals so you can find tremendous real-time help.