Blending Family Problems & Step-parenting


Many children struggle when their single parent gets remarried.  They can become jealous of step siblings and may even resent the new step parent. Discipline is often difficult to establish because there are two different agreed upon styles, and this becomes more visible when combining two families. The potential of tension and conflict, unless resolved, can lead to instant instability and eventual separation.

The Blended Families membership helps you learn the most successful methods of joining two families together and welding them into positive and loving relationships. Courses teach you strategies to prepare children for your marriage, how to get along with step siblings and step parents, and how to organize a shared plan of discipline and family organization. You can also learn pitfalls to avoid, how to unify your parenting responsibilities, and how to share family traditions so your marriage is secure and strong and your new family and all children develop a sense of unity. Tips from coaches can make a great difference in how successful you feel. Being able to feel the support of others and read the flow of ideas from a community of people like you can be a tremendous asset.

Included in the Blended Families membership:

  • Courses:
    • Successful Blended Families
    • The 6 Best Things You Can Do For Your Children
    • Solving Common Marriage Problems

  • Mini Courses:
    • Changing the Negative into Positive
    • Focus on Love
    • Get Your Relationship in Sync
    • Stop Arguing about Your Kids
    • Recognize, Respect, and Understand Feelings
    • Solving Stress-Related Arguments

  • Discounted Consultations with Experts & Coaches
    There are two membership options available: 3 months and 6 months. These discounts are good for the duration of your membership.

    • 3 Mo. Membership:   10% Discount
    • 6 Mo. Membership:   15% Discount
  • Tailored Newsletters:
    These newsletters provide the most effective strategies for blending two families successfully. Tips provide a better understanding about behavior in the family, and how to proactively engage family members so they feel secure, loved, respected and included in this new family union.

  • Priority Forums:
    As part of this membership, you will receive priority invitation to forums. These forums are often moderated by licensed experts or top professionals so you can find tremendous real-time help.