Age 6–11

Single Parent Tips to Solve Problems and Reduce Stress

4 Tips for a single parent to reduce stress
  Single parents need to be applauded for what they do, especially mothers. Recent research shows that more than 40% of boys are growing up without their fathers, and that 82% of single parents .... read more

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The Ebola Scare: What Parents Need to Know

ebola report
 Helping Children Understand Ebola and Traumatic Events by Rob Dindinger, Ph.D.   Most of us can remember times in our life when the fear of eminent danger intruded into our thoughts..... read more

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Signs of ADHD and Managing Impulse Control

Adapting Emotions
  Clinical psychologist, Dr. Robert Williams, helps parents understand ADHD, and he presents strategies parents can take to help their children manage impulses and other symptoms associated with.... read more

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Homework Helps: How to Help and When to Create Space

How to Help Children with learning disabilities adapt successfully to school
  Johnny sits at the kitchen table, chewing on the end of his pencil. It's almost 9:00 p.m. and he has been on Problem #7 for the last twenty minutes. You have offered your help, and even a piec.... read more

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How to Stop Child Anger

Child Anger. Photo by, Michael La Martin
Parenting is challenging on its own. But add a child who gets angry any time you ask them to do something, and things can get frustrating and out of control fast. What we usually do, as parents, is to.... read more

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