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Teaching Kids About Sex, Reproduction & Abstinence

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Although most of us recognize the importance of teaching children about sex, reproduction, and abstinence, it is awkward because the whole enterprise is complicated. What should we tell children? When or at what age should we tell them? Who should tell them and how should it be done? We sometimes ask, isn’t it better to let nature take its course and allow children to discover for themselves? Or, aren’t there other people who will do it?

No, it is not better to let nature take its course. Nor are there other people who can teach your own children better than you can. You either teach the way you want your children to learn and think about sex, reproduction, and abstinence, or you risk them thinking and doing something other than what you would like. This risk is greater today than ever before and, as a result, many of our children are thinking and doing things that are harmful to themselves and to other people. 

What if children rely on their friends for their sexual knowledge? Many children are misinformed about sexual facts and often communicate ideas that do disservice to other children. Even if they do know the basic information about sex, most children do not have a mature concept of sex and love, sex and commitment, sex and health, or sex and its consequences.

This course provides a step-by-step system for you to use to help your children develop a healthy understanding about sex, reproduction, abstinence. If you think teaching children about sex is not necessary, or abstinence is only for religion, you are incorrect. When children have a healthy, correct understanding about sex, abstinence, and the emotions and level of commitment involved, they are much more confident about themselves and the world around them. And this is what all parents want for their children.


  • Setting Your Teaching Goals
  • The 7-Step Teaching Program
  • Your Family Workshop
  • Teaching About Abstinence
  • Promoting Healthy Sexual Development