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Protect Your Children: Parent Leadership for 21st-Century Families

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21st-century children are experiencing new and challenging social conditions that can disrupt growth and development and make life difficult for them and heartbreaking for you. More of our children are becoming involved in crime or addictions, failing to achieve in school, failing to learn positive social skills, and failing to learn moral and lawful behavior. At the same time, there are large numbers of our children that are truly remarkable; they are talented, achieving, and obedient. Depending on your circumstances, 21st-century parents need to adapt and lead their families so their children are protected from threats to a successful life and more of them succeed at their challenges. This kind of parenting leads to great satisfaction and fulfillment as a parent.

Instead of only using traditional parenting that may have done well in the past but does not fit today’s challenges or trying out parenting fads that don’t address everything children need, this course enables you to learn a form of parent leadership that is the total package. It will increase your confidence, improve your communication skills, strengthen your capacity to love and nurture, and bring you a greater sense of fulfillment—all while helping your children safely navigate today’s world and become happy and successful adults.

In this course, you will learn… 

  • why and how to adapt your family and your leadership to match individual children’s unique needs as they mature, to correct for dangerous conditions in the world, and to better promote children’s growth,
  • a developmental perspective that will help you solve many challenges by helping children move out of the old stage and into the next one,
  • how to make your family a learning lab where you can proactively organize your family with your children’s growth and your desires in mind,
  • 10 impact parenting practices that motivate children to follow and honor you,
  • a framework for a leadership plan to facilitate and solidify any change you want to make,
  • a model you can use for family meetings,
  • ways to instill a strong set of values in your children that they will display when they’re outside your family, and
  • age-specific developmental milestones you can use to measure your progress with children and methods of unique parent leadership for children in four stages of development: birth to 5, ages 5 to 11, ages 12 to 18, and young adults 18+.

Find hundreds of practical ideas and action plans to help you protect your children, lead with confidence, problem solve, and organize a happy family so you are very successful with your 21st-century children.

Protect Your Children: Parent Leadership for 21st-Century Families - Parenting