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Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance Workbook [downloadable pdf]

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The EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE & SELF-RELIANCE WORKBOOK is a 140-page ebook complete with background readings, learning activities, and family action plans so you can learn and then carry out what the most successful parents do to raise healthy families and emotionally self-reliant children who face their lives with confidence and grit.

In the workbook, you can learn how to...

  • regulate technology use
  • guide your children through difficult emotions
  • limit depression and anxiety
  • use positive discipline to reduce anger
  • build social confidence
  • teach your children to start, persist, and finish work
  • limit arguing and conflict
  • create a positive emotional climate in your home
  • resolve problems calmly

This extensive workbook is for parents who want to prevent anxiety and depression in their children and help their kids be socially confident, mentally strong, and successful. 

Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance Workbook [downloadable pdf] - Parenting