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Changing the Negative in Marriage into Positive

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Who is it for?

  • Couples looking for more love in their relationship
  • Spouse feeling misunderstood, or who misunderstands loved ones
  • Marriages lacking positive experiences with love
  • Couples who feel there's more unhappiness than happiness in their relationship
  • Those who feel their spouse or partner does not show enough love
  • Couples wanting to minimize conflict


Unfortunately, marriage tends to create expectations for unhappiness, and those expectations tend to be met. In order to shake loose from this cycle and be free to find love, partners must look for, discover, and promote more rewarding marriage experiences, building up a store of loving memories. The question is, how do you do that?

.....You do this by redefining the idea of responsibility. Many people think of responsibility as accepting the burdens of mistakes or problems. But assuming responsibility also means acting to create love and happiness.

What You'll Learn?

"Opening the Way for More Love and Happiness"

How to adapt yourselves and your emotions to create and receive more love

"Many Forms of Love and Happiness"

There are more forms of love than you think. How many do you use?

"Creating Rewarding Conditions"

How to change your perspective and creative more loving relationships

"The Role of Spirituality"

How to unify yourselves and create more love with different spiritual and religious differences. Being able to understand things pertaining to God or feeling a strong response to music, art, nature, and other experiences that activate the spiritual part of our lives. 

  1. Both spouses are equally involved in one religion.
  2. Both spouses are equally involved in different religions.
  3. Both spouses are unequally involved in one religion.
  4. Both spouses are unequally involved in different religions.
  5. Neither spouse is regularly involved in religious activity.