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Your Marriage Mindset

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  • Couples who feel their spouse doesn't pay attention or know them
  • Engaged couples preparing for marriage
  • Spouse not feeling loved or appreciated
  • Marriage lacking closeness and unity
  • How to better please your partner by understanding your contribution in the marriage


Most people do not have a very full or complete understanding of marriage at the time they begin it. Through experience and participation in marriage, you gradually form a mindset or perspective of what it is. There are three perspectives of marriage you might form from your experience, listed in the order of the level of commitment and attachment. The examination of all three of these perspectives will provide you with more understanding and marital success than limiting yourself to only the first or second perspective.

  1. Seeing marriage as two individuals—you and your spouse, a male and a female.

  2. Seeing marriage as two individuals with loving personality traits and having a positive definition of the relationship that emerges between the two of you.

  3. Seeing your marriage as four parts: you and your spouse as individuals, the relationship qualities the two of you create together, and seeing these in a context—the situations both of you share.


  • How to love and feel more love
  • How to contribute to the love in your marriage: 2 is better than 1
  • Mature, confident ways to find more love
  • How to initiate positive love patterns
  • The greatest love paradox: How giving sacrifice compassion, empathy, and tenderness results in more love than you can imagine
  • How to avoid common relationship and love traps
  • A 3 Week Quick-Start Schedule