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How to Feel More Love in Marriage

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  • Couples experiencing marital conflict
  • Feeling a lack of love
  • Spouse/partner appears indifferent–doesn't care anymore
  • Inability to love or receive love due to
    • past mistreatment or low self esteem
    • growing up with alcoholic parents, emotionally distant parents, or parents who did not demonstrate love
    • Conflict or being hurt in your marriage or other relationships
  • Spouse or partner does not know how to recognize and/or accept love:
    • Denial,
    • Accusation,
    • Refusal,
    • Love tests "He didn't do what I wanted, so he must not love me,"
    • Frequent pouting and sulking 

This mini course will help you understand the importance of learning about yourself and your experience with love, the behaviors that make it difficult to receive love, and ways to recognize and appreciate more love. If you recognize that you or your spouse has difficulty receiving love, a positive effort by one can affect the other in a true partnership. Doing this will help you feel happier and also solve much conflict in your marriage.