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Prepare Yourself For a Happy Marriage

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Who's It For?

This marriage preparation course is specifically designed for couples planning their wedding and marriage. These sections have been prepared by marriage counselors, family educators, and family psychologists to give you the best methods to prepare yourself and your new partnership for the greatest of bonds. Each section walks you through on of the essential marriage topics that will help you succeed as a married couple. As you apply these principles, you will see changes and improvements in your relationship, and your future marriage will be off to a tremendous, healthy start. You can either prepare a little now, or struggle a lot later. Get started, and discover even more love and happiness.

What You'll Get


Understand What You Expect, and Expect to Be Happy

Gain a better understanding of your expectations for marriage. Understand the importance of establishing good communication patterns. You will come to better understand your partner and express yourself so you are understood. And you will discover the impact freedom in marriage plays in your intimacy and how love is felt and shared.


Express Yourself Clearly, and Listen Accurately
Communicate clearly about your thoughts and feelings. Listen well so you understand your partner. Understanding and being understood are closely linked to feeling loved.


Love Completely
Discover the best ways to express and receive love and your responsibility to do so in maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.


Show Commitment

Discover the love, closeness, and passion that comes when you commit to each other. Your relationship will thank you for it....for the rest of your happy lives.


Foster Emotional Intimacy
Feel the amazing love and closeness when you learn to open up and share yourself with each other.


Be Passionate
Sex is great, but it's not the greatest part of marriage. Two becoming one is the greatest gift on earth. Discover this incredible closeness by communicating better about sex. Protect against the harmfulness of pornography. And feel rich fulfillment that comes with fidelity.


Create a Great Partnership
Build a strong partnership and share equally in making good decisions and negotiating differences. Negotiation is not "winning." It is about discovering outcomes you both are happy about. 


Be Loyal To Each Other

Use respect and courtesy to grow closer together and avoid common disloyal behaviors.