"Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance" Course

The "EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE & SELF-RELIANCE" course is for parents who want to prevent anxiety and depression in their children and help their kids be socially confident, mentally strong, and successful. This thorough 12-week course will give you a solid foundation to build the kind of strong family you want.

In the 12-part course, learn how to...

  • regulate technology use

  • limit arguing and conflict

  • prevent depression and anxiety

  • use positive discipline to reduce anger

  • build social confidence

  • teach your children to start, persist, and finish work

  • guide your children through difficult emotions

  • creative a positive emotional climate in your home

  • resolve problems calmly

The 140-page course ebook written by family psychologist Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby comes with readings, learning activities, and family action plans so you can learn and then carry out what the most successful parents do to raise healthy families and emotionally self-reliant children who face their lives with confidence and grit.

Choose the format that works for you!

Go through the eBook on your own!

Purchase the Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance course workbook, download the pdf, and go through it on your own or as a couple.


Invite your family, friends, and neighbors, learn as a group with a professional coach, and spread the positive influence!

Form your own group of 10-16 people (or join an existing group), and benefit from group discussion as you learn from others in a weekly video conference course led by a professional coach. Contact us if you're interested, and we'll help you register for our next group course. Course eBook included.

$179.99 per individual or couple for a 12-week group video conference course

Take a private course with a professional coach!

Go through the course yourself or with your spouse during weekly video conference calls with a professional coach. Course eBook included.

$599.99 per individual or couple for a 12-week private video conference course