Awakening the Brain's Potential
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AWAKENING THE BRAIN'S POTENTIAL, written by educator and psychologist Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby, celebrates and explains brain-based education, which teaches students about their brains. When they know more about their brains — how they work, how to develop memory and creativity, and about their unique form of intelligence — they will learn better and be more excited about learning at home or at school.

Written for both parents and teachers, this book will...

  • Provide you with the materials and information necessary to help you apply ideas about the basic characteristics of the brain to your teaching. 

  • Help you change students’ beliefs about their learning abilities. 

  • Provide dozens of learning activities so you can easily implement these principles with your students.

The book covers characteristics of the brain, learning characteristics, learning styles, multiple intelligences, creativity, memory, learning disabilities, and more!

167 pages, pdf download