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Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance:
How To Grow Healthy Families And Emotionally Self-Reliant Children Who Face Their Lives With Confidence And Grit

When kids are spending more time at home than at school, emotional and mental health is more important than ever. And this is a great time to start teaching them the emotional and relationship skills they need to thrive in families, with peers, and later as adults.

In the eBook, learn about the significant role emotions play in our relationships and how emotional health is a vital part of social confidence, strong character, achievement, and resilience. Find action plans you can immediately put in place in your family to teach these skills so kids are armed to develop social confidence, overcome 21st-century challenges, and become successful adults.

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Get comprehensive training in the Emotional Resilience & Self Reliance video conference course, a 12-week group course guided by a professional coach that comes with the complete 140-page eBook with readings, learning activities, and detailed family action plans.