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Focus On Love

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Who's it for?

  • Couples considering splitting up or divorce
  • Couples struggling to feel love
  • Individuals who struggle to share and receive love
  • For couples who feel there is more negative than positive in their marriage
  • Couples and individuals who need help with emotional stability
  • When work seems to get in the way of a happy marriage


The number of people unhappy in their marriages may suggest that many couples are simply not compatible and therefore might be happier if they separated and found another partner. There is a different possibility, however.

Some are not compatible, but most are not as happy as they could be because they do not understand how or have the skills to create more love and happiness. Then when either or both spouses become discouraged, they sometimes do things that not only don’t succeed but get themselves further mired in negative results. This is because what they hope will solve problems often compounds them instead. Then they begin to live in an emotional prison created by themselves and spend more time addressing problems and conflicts than pursuing the conditions that will bring them great fulfillment.


What You'll Learn

  • How to Focus on Love
  • The Roots of Happiness
  • Stable People Make Stable Marriages
  • Deterrents to Love and Happiness
  • Understand Your Inner Experience
  • ACTION PLAN: Four Weekly Exercises