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The Best Way to Improve Your Marriage Workbook [downloadable pdf]

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THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE WORKBOOK features background readings, learning activities, and couple action plans so you can learn and then carry out what the most successful couples do to create and maintain a happy and loving relationship.

In the workbook, you can learn ...

  • the emotional skills that will make you more intelligent about your feelings and your partner's, since the most important outcomes of being married are all emotions

  • how to organize an intimate partnership so you can successfully share the eight, high-stakes life conditions (like money and sex), which will enable you to successfully make decisions and solve problems—together

  • how to change yourself first so the greatest rewards are possible with a stronger personal foundation

  • how to communicate well (and avoid communication that leads to misunderstandings) so you instead create emotional intimacy and affection

  • how to avoid the most common marital traps (like not communicating when something goes wrong or blaming the other person for causing what you feel)

  • the tools to build bridges so you can repair relationships that need to be mended and find more hope

Developed by family psychologist Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby and using his years of experience and proven methods, this course will help you lay the foundation and put into action the lasting change and improvement you're looking for in your relationship so you can experience the greatest happiness and love possible.

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The Best Way to Improve Your Marriage Workbook [downloadable pdf] - Fix your marriage and feel more love by solving common marriage problems