Online Courses

Courses are comprehensive, in depth self-guided online tutorials that provide specific steps–methods recommended by experts–and a schedule to give you direction and the path which lead to results.

Mini courses are organized similarly to comprehensive courses–providing the same step-by-step approach–except they are shorter and focus on solutions to a more specific problem.

Online courses provide an engaging combination of reading materials with video and interactive training programs (not all courses may provide multimedia). Not only is this combination enjoyable, it helps you to internalize the information and apply the methods recommended so you can improve yourself and experience the change and success you are searching for.

If you feel you need expert help with really difficult situations, see "Experts"  to the left.

If you are looking for more personal attention in addition to these courses, click here to find a personal coach.

Online courses may be eligible for court-ordered marriage and parenting instruction. Certificates provided.

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