Emotional Self-Reliance Coaching

Emotional Self-Reliance Made Easier and Faster 

Certified independent emotional self-reliance coaches provide ongoing support as you use the First Answers approach to positive mental, emotional, and relationship self-reliance and self-guided online courses. 

While having a coach improves your experience and results, there is no obligation to participate with coaching while studying the online courses. Coaches maintain collaborative relationships with licensed experts so you have access to the most effective positive methods for emotional self-reliance.

Scheduling an Appointment With a Coach

  1. Click on the name of a coach to learn more about this person.
  2. When you find a coach you like, schedule an appointment with this coach by clicking on the MAKE RESERVATION button in their profile, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: First Answers provides an online coach certification course to prepare and train emotional self-reliance coaches to ensure they are effective. Coaches are not employed by nor partnered with FirstAnswers.com. FirstAnswers.com is a listing portal that advertises independent coaches. Coaches choose to list themselves and their services on FirstAnswers.com. Coaches select the categories in which they wish to provide services and pay any associated listing fees. Coaches' qualifications may differ based on their education and experience. It is up to you to select the coach who best meets your needs.

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Brett — Certified Marriage and Emotional Self Reliance Coach

"What To Do" is where we'll start." RESULTS is where we end up. I help you know what to do so results come sooner. I'll help your children reduce anger and anxiety through practical emotional self-reliance methods you can use immediately. These tools are quick and simple to implement and can last a lifetime....

Jeremy — Certified Emotional • Mental • Relationship Self-Reliance Coach

Saratoga Springs, UT

I am a certified Emotional Self-Reliance, Marriage and Parenting coach. I have a BS in Family Science and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management. I can help with Emotional Self-Reliance in children and adults. With 24 years of marriage I can help with effective marriage and parenting communication...

Brendan — Certified Emotional Self-Reliance and Relationship Coach


I am a First Answers certified self-reliance coach. I have degrees in education and organizational management. I’ve taught marriage and parenting classes and am a certified educator. I’ve been involved in corporate training for 17 years. Doing this put me right in the middle of the lives of those I worked...

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