Leadership Coaching

Our leadership system has proven results!

Companies and employees in every industry we've worked with have seen amazing results in increased profitability, reduced costs, increased enrollments, or improved employee satisfaction. We are focused on increasing motivation, innovation, and transformation.

  • Myler Legal Advocates, a national law office, was seeing low cooperation and teamwork in its nine departments, and, like other firms in this industry, were experiencing stalling growth. They implemented our system to improve teamwork and saw a 71% increase in profits by the third quarter the following year.

  • Financial Planning Association of Minnesota was facing low enrollment in their state organization. After using this system for just one year, FPAM achieved a new enrollment gain so high their parent organization, Financial Planning Association of America, implemented this system in all 99 state units nationwide.

  • The Larry H. Miller Automotive Company used our system to strengthen existing leaders and develop others. They doubled their profits each year over a three-year period.

Improve your leadership... and keep your job.

Learn a leadership system that will enable you to...

  • Gain more confidence   
  • Communicate more successfully  
  • Help others succeed   
  • Get the promotion you want  
  • Find a better-paying job  
  • Increase your team's productivity
  • Contribute more to your organization 
  • Feel and be more effective

Leadership Coaches

Certified independent leadership coaches provide ongoing support as you use the First Answers approach to effective leadership. 

While having a coach improves your experience and results, there is no obligation to participate with coaching while studying the online courses. Coaches maintain collaborative relationships with licensed experts so you have access to the most effective positive methods.

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Scheduling an Appointment With a Leadership Coach

  1. Click on the name of a coach to learn more about this person.
  2. When you find a coach you like, schedule an appointment with this coach by clicking on the MAKE RESERVATION button in their profile, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: First Answers provides an online coach certification course to prepare and train emotional self-reliance coaches to ensure they are effective. Coaches are not employed by nor partnered with FirstAnswers.com. FirstAnswers.com is a listing portal that advertises independent coaches. Coaches choose to list themselves and their services on FirstAnswers.com. Coaches select the categories in which they wish to provide services and pay any associated listing fees. Coaches' qualifications may differ based on their education and experience. It is up to you to select the coach who best meets your needs.


In my work with several different businesses and civic organizations, I have been privileged to coach and train individuals, team leaders, and other supervisors. The leadership system I use has been successfully proven in many different organizations and has significantly improved people's relationships and their implementation of organizational goals. In one case, using this system with teams resulted in a 71% increase in net profit to the company because, even with a smaller staff, people learned to work together more efficiently than a larger number of people working alone. I would love to work with you. Contact me for a free consultation to learn more.


I work as a trainer, using a leadership method known as The Catalyst System. It organizes individuals, teams, and whole organizations, if that's needed. Communication skills improve, resistance is reduced, and increased motivation emerges. I have seen people produce amazing results with improved relationships and improved results. Contact me for an appointment, and I'll be happy to explain more. 


I have been a leadership coach for individuals, project teams, and managers. The leadership system I teach focuses on improving relationship skills and organizes people so execution is more effective. I have seen tremendous benefits when people learn more about leadership even when they do not hold a position of leadership. I have also seen team leaders improve their abilities so their teams are more cooperative and they dramatically increased their production and efficiency. As a result, their company measured their improved efficiency at more than 20% the first quarter after they implemented the leadership system I use. Contact me for a free consultation to learn how you can achieve greater results for yourself and those you lead.