Brendan — Certified Leadership, Relationship, and Emotional Self-Reliance Coach

Orem, 84058

I am a First Answers-certified coach. I have degrees in education and organizational management. I’ve taught marriage and parenting classes and am a certified educator. I’ve been involved in corporate training for 17 years. Doing this put me right in the middle of the lives of those I worked with and trained. I have seen firsthand many of the struggles families deal with and understand how to bring about real change. Under the tutelage of a practicing licensed psychologist, I learned a system or formula of discovery and direction that can help improve the relationships in our lives and deal with many other challenges.

In my work with several different businesses and civic organizations, I have been privileged to coach and train individuals, team leaders, and other supervisors. The leadership system I use has been successfully proven in many different organizations and has significantly improved people's relationships and their implementation of organizational goals. In one case, using this system with teams resulted in a 71% increase in net profit to the company because, even with a smaller staff, people learned to work together more efficiently than a larger number of people working alone. I would love to work with you. Contact me for a free consultation to learn more.

I use a process that allows me to quickly identify source causes of challenges and conflicts and then provide answers and solutions that work right away. I work with parents on issues that arise, such as difficulties communicating, anxiety, bullying, or depression. I also work with families who are going through other difficult family situations.

I love seeing kids bursting with confidence, openly talking with their parents about their troubles, and being excited about going to school again. I also love hearing parents say they can finally sleep through the night without worrying about their child.

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Brendan — First Answers Coach  

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