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My name is Randy Brown. Through the powerful strategies and techniques I have mastered in my 10 years of high level coaching experience:

–I can help you overcome addictions, depression and anxiety.

–I can help you improve your marriage, and find more lasting love.

–I can show you how to take your career to a new level and make more money, and

–I can help you overcome difficulties and form a closer connection with your son.

These highly-effective coaching principles will enable you to:

1. Create a new vision of what your want your ideal life to be.

2. Assess what new skills and knowledge you will need.

3. Discover a new way of learning about yourself that is less personal, less hurtful but deeply impactful.

4. Gain a clearer focus on the cost of inaction. ‘What happens if you don’t make these changes?

5. Find new clarity that enables action. Without action nothing changes!

I‘ve worked with some of the biggest coaching programs in the world:

• Robert Kiyosawki – Principles for success in your financial life

• Stephen Covey – Principles for success in the areas of life that matter most

• Jack Canfield – Principles for success in any field you desire

I am a two-time published author of “7 Principles of Divine Purpose – Experiencing Power, Passion and
True Success” and “Experiencing Christ – Your Personal Journey to the Savior.”

I have coached aspiring authors – Principles for taking your message to the world. I coach aspiring authors on getting their book ideas out of their heads and into a manuscript.

I currently host a radio talk show: “Living Your Life’s Purpose, with Randy Brown.”

Contact me today for a free consultation so we can discuss the best plan for you.

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