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Peak Performance

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  • Ways to boost mental and physical personal performance
  • Enhance your mood and sense of well-being
  • Learn how to improve your body by improving your mind
  • Reduce stress, resolve depression, maximize your intelligence
  • How to develop a positive mental attitude, "Learned Optimism"
  • Discover a new vitality within yourself
  • Learn how to develop power over your environment

In studies to determine the best training or practice methods, some researchers learned that mentally reviewing one’s best performance improved performance as much as actual practice did. Think about that for a moment. Watching a video of yourself doing something well over and over again is proven to be a very useful way to improve what you do. This lesson has been applied specifically in sports and music performance.

This means that there are powers of the human mind that we usually don’t access. But if we did, we could actually raise our abilities in many different areas. In other words, we could produce peak performance for ourselves if we applied certain mental practice tools. This course introduced three interactive training programs to help you reach your peak performance.

3 Interactive training courses:

  1. Mind and Spirit
    Reducing Stress, Resolving Depression, and Taking Advantage of Intelligence

    During the last twenty years, behavioral and medical scientists have discovered remarkable connections between the human mind and a sense of well-being. How we think, feel, and live is related to our health—or lack of it—and impacts the mental abilities we use. Peak performers understand this connection and use it to promote a sense of health and wellness that makes their lives vital and full. Where mind and spirit are concerned, you can learn a positive form of stress, which motivates improved performance, as opposed to negative stress, which limits your ability to perform well. You can learn methods of stress reduction, see how to resolve depression, and understand the different kinds of intelligence available to you.

  2. Mind and Body
    When you link exercise and a brain-enhancing diet with mental skill building, such as improving your memory, you can discover the qualities that peak performers use to achieve their remarkable accomplishments. Learn about association memory, practice the short exercises, and watch yourself feel better and do better. One of the most important discoveries of the last decade is about the positive benefits of a positive mental attitude called “learned optimism.” Learning how to employ this in your life improves self-esteem, helps create more positive feelings, and reduces anxiety. The exercises are easy to learn, and putting more optimism into your life can give you a vitality that helps you feel better and do better

  3. You and Your Environment
    In addition to understanding environmental pressure, every individual has his or her own level of vulnerability or susceptibility to the environment. Some are not as affected as others. This training program about peak performance will enable you to pay attention to your environment, learn about it, make choices about how you will be influenced, and give you a sense of power over it.


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