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Making Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

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7 Areas of Change and a Method to Make Changes Stick

Many people know they should make changes to their lifestyle and have the desire but don’t know where to start. While occasionally this may involve simple changes in behaviors, more often, making lifestyle changes is a difficult task that takes tremendous commitment and effort. Regardless of how difficult it may feel, it is absolutely possible to make positive changes in your life, make them last, and ultimately reap the rewards that come from making those changes.

  1. Get Physically Active
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Quit Smoking
  4. Stay Hydrated
  5. Develop Good Sleep Habits
  6. Manage Your Stress
  7. Eat More Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole-Grains

Learn How to Implement Change:

  • Willpower
  • Schedule
  • Make short-term goals
  • Plan ahead
  • Support system
  • Avoid negative self talk
  • Take time to celebrate


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